Hunting for Newspaper Obituaries

Newspaper obituaries are an essential part of any genealogical search. Once you know only the name and date of death of a person, a newspaper obituary can help you will find other details about the person and his / her family. This extra information can then help shape the remainder of your research.

What’s an Obituary?

An obituary is a observe that announces the death of someone with an explanation of the person’s life and set of family members. Sometimes an obituary could be called a death notice. naija news  An obituary could be published in a newspaper, online or in the funeral program. There are subtle differences in the obituary centered on where it is likely to be published and when it absolutely was published.

Where to find Newspaper Obituaries?

The most effective resources for obituaries are in the library but more and more newspaper obituaries are becoming available online as more and more newspapers upload their archives onto their websites. If you should be trying to find an obituary from before the entire year 2000, you’ll need to visit a library and view the newspaper on microfilm or purchase a request to an obituary repository. For a listing of online Newspaper Obituaries. Visit to find newspaper obituaries from across the country.

When trying to find obituaries it’s very important to investigate all possible newspapers that the obituary might appear in. Start with locating the newspapers of the city or region that the person was created in, lived for quite some time and the city they died in. If the deceased lived in several cities or has surviving family living in a specific city, odds are that the obituary many appear in several newspaper. It is also likely that the obituary may have different information according to where it is published. Sometimes the city where the person lived the longest may have a longer more comprehensive write up of the life span and group of the deceased. But to ensure you get all the facts, make sure you find the newspapers from all the cities and townships that the person had any contact with.

What do I have to know before I search well for a Newspaper Obituary?

First and foremost you will have to know the deceased’s full name and approximate date of death. Knowing the precise date of death is better yet because then it narrows your search to the date of death and about seven days after. You’re usually safe not looking greater than a week after the date of death because obituaries are usually published as a death notice that includes the funeral service information or as a death announcement as near to the date of death as possible.

As well as the name and date of death, date of birth is essential too. There might be several people in the same community with the same name so knowing how old the person is once they died could make identifying the write ancestor much easier.

Needless to say you will even have to know the location. Where in actuality the deceased was created, where they died and where they spent most of their lives. As mentioned before, knowing the places the deceased lived can help you find the right newspapers and can lead you to different versions of the obituary.

Why search Newspaper Obituaries?

Genealogists both professional and amateur come to rely on the info within obituaries to steer them to other research. An obituary is the last and sometimes only article every written about an individual and it may contain information about who the person was, their relationships and interests. Simply speaking, obituaries add color and information regarding a life that otherwise may not be known. Clues about the clubs the deceased attended, awards, military service and religious affiliation can all be discovered in a well-written obituary. Most genealogists begin their research with obituaries so they really know where to analyze next. Like if you discover an obituary that offers the names of military regiments, you can then research military records about the battles the deceased participated in. The options for research are endless once you focus on newspaper obituaries.

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